Meet Our Team

Barbara Sprenger
Chief Executive Officer

Barbara has 23 years experience in starting, managing & growing profitable companies. She founded an engineering & manufacturing company, taking it international & selling the company to an Ohio-based multinational. She has a strong background in real estate investment & green building. Barbara holds a BA with highest honors in Economics & Master of Public Policy degree. Her passion is in building & supporting community.

Ken Meshke
Director of Facilities

Co-founder and successful entrepreneur with over 27 years experience in operations, engineering, manufacturing and sales and commercial real estate investment, development and construction.

Jessica Kearney

Jessica is here to see that you’ve got everything you need to be comfortable and productive quickly. She’s a tech-savvy environmental activist and former tree-sitter, a talented baker and cake decorator, an inquisitive investigator and a friendly, smart, interesting person to help make this professional and comfortable office space work for you.

Jay Smith
IT Manager

Jay keeps the tech world of The Satellite humming, from broadband to data networks to cloud infrastructure to videoconferences and VoIP phones. Raised in Chicago, he started a small computer company years ago, learning on the job. He’s run IT for motorhome dealerships and dabbled in the logging industry. Have you seen some of the gorgeous woodwork at The Satellite Santa Monica from his milling efforts?

Logan Booth
Felton Community Manager

Logan’s experience has been in the world of academia: running youth programs, running the admissions department at a private distance learning college, and generally helping people navigate systems. He loves getting to meet the huge cross section of people at the Satellite Center in Los Gatos and Silicon Valley. Logan is a great writer, and is absolutely focused on the clarity of words and the way ideas can become concrete, organized and repeatable through good writing.

Kathi Firth
Deskworks Sales

Kathi’s a ‘Member-to- Coordinator’ team player. As a freelancer, she discovered the supportive environment of coworking and now supports our team and members! You’ll hear of all Satellites when she’s introducing our concept–really likes to celebrate flexible workspace options that provide paths of success. With a background in publishing and information systems, she enjoys learning technologies that help small business workflows. Away from the office, she volunteers in local programs or enjoys the Bay’s coastal beauty.

Suzi Downie
Los Gatos Community Manager

In 1995 Suzi came upon the redwoods of Santa Cruz and knew she had finally found paradise. Hired as the Operations Specialist for LightSurf Technologies, Suzi worked with the Upper Management Team, Human Resources and the Finance Department handling all purchasing for the organization, contract hires and event planning. Later, she turned her hobbies into a career by opening My Cozy Consignment Shop, selling art, fine jewelry, furniture, paintings, clothing, shoes and accessories in an atmosphere of a French boutique. Suzi is hoping to bring her expertise in business along with her passion for art and fashion into the Satellite Los Gatos.

Ann Mejia
Sunnyvale Community Manager

Earning an international Business degree and years of living in countries outside of the United States fueled Ann’s passion for adventure and all things new and challenging— be they foods, customs, or languages. Now back in Sunnyvale, where she grew up, she hopes to share her local roots with those now pursuing their dreams in her hometown and bring the benefits of her business and travel background to all her neighbors.

Aly Rajah
Sunnyvale Community Manager

Aly has a B.S. in Psychology and Social Action and for four years pursued a career in behavior therapy. Finding that field somewhat lonely despite being rewarding, she moved more into office and admin roles to suit her people-person personality and work with a team. Aly is all about making people smile and giving them a better day than they expected. An animal lover, Aly makes full use of The Satellite’s pet-friendly policies by bringing her awesome Husky, Nikki, to work with her every day.