Why Us?

Comfortable, Connected, Local Office and Flexible Workspace
We’re close to home but not in your home. The Satellite is a comfortable, professional, connected place to work, letting you separate work life and home life, get work done quickly, avoid long leases and space commitments — and have everything you need to work efficiently. Including having other professionals around you.
Flexible Workspace
Satellites in communities:

  • Let people work close to home (without the isolation and distractions of working in their homes)
  • Reduce traffic congestion and gridlocked roads
  • Reduce the CO2 emissions from commutes and daytime home energy use
  • Increase spending in local coffee shops, restaurants, and retail businesses
  • Enable parents to work closer to their school-age children, and reduce the time parents are away from kids during the day
  • Increase the number of adults in towns during the high crime hours between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Enable workers to be more connected to their communities
  • Provide space for community groups and non-profits

Companies are finding notable savings through telecommuting programs:

  • Productivity increases averaging 27%. IBM noted up to 50% increases, American Express teleworkers produced 43% more business than office-based co-workers.
  • Absenteeism reduction averaging 3.7 days per year.
  • Attrition reduction averaging 25%. More than a third of employees would choose telecommuting over a pay raise. (Average turnover costs are 138% of wages. 80% of employees would like to telecommute at least part time.)

We can track Vehicle Miles Avoided and CO2 savings to bolster your efforts in reducing emissions through your telework program!
Go here to learn more about the corporate benefits of teleworking with included study by Kate Lister.

The Satellite Centers give businesses the flexibility to:

  • Reduce and streamline facilities’ costs
  • Quickly establish operations in new markets
  • Continue operations during natural disasters and road closures
  • Retain high value employees by allowing them to work remotely