New Study Released by DeskMag on The Fascination of Coworking

Redwood CafeCoworking is fun – most people who have any experience with coworking spaces would agree with that. So do Klaus-Peter Stiefel and Stefan Rief, authors of the recent article “The Fascination of Coworking” at, but they note that there’s so much more than fun happening in the coworking equation (though fun never hurts!). So what is it about coworking that is making more and more heads – both independent and corporate heads – turn to take a closer look?

As it turns out, what Mr. Stiefel and Mr. Rief found was the same thing that The Satellite Centers have known from the get-go. Coworking spaces decrease headaches for small business owners – utility set up, maintenance and billing; insuring your space; hiring services for janitorial work and other day to day needs – all of these concerns vanish for the business owner when they choose to take the route of using a coworking space that will handle everything for them. Also, even if all your employees go to different offices each day, these remote workers are no longer forced to work alone and through the distractions of their homes, creating a separation of home-life and office-life that is essential for keeping productivity maximized. Further, since those same employees are no longer isolated but now are part of a coworking community, they can network with that community to create opportunities for their employers that simply never existed before the advent of the coworking movement.

In summary, whether you’re an independent contractor/freelancer, or whether you’re a manager at a large corporation, coworking is becoming less and less something that is an option and more something that any savvy, up-to-date business will incorporate into their business plan as a rule. Whether it is to save on costs, save on time, increase productivity and employee satisfaction, to help grow your or the business’ network or any other of a myriad of reasons, coworking is finally entering the mainstream – and spaces such as The Satellite Centers are finally getting the chance to provide everything they have to offer to all the various businesses we’ve always known would benefit from us!

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