Nextspace & The Satellite Centers Join

Nextspace and The Satellite Centers, two of the oldest and leading brands in the Coworking business, are joining together in a reciprocal rights agreement, enabling members of both communities to have more choices wherever they may travel for work. We’re offering our “We Are Better Together” program. The program, which will launch early next week, allows current members from either company to have access to any of the other’s facilities, at member rates.

“Our members now have more options to use different facilities in different locations for day use, client meetings, or conference room needs. We’re very excited to be working with Nextspace to bring this added benefit to all of our members,” said Barbara Sprenger, CEO of Satellite.

Kurt Grutzmacher, CEO of Nextspace, noted, “We look forward to welcoming members from Satellite as we both work together to strengthen our communities. Through the “We Are Better Together” program, full facility/full privilege members will have access rights to all facilities in both communities combined. Our focus is always adding benefits to our local communities and members.”

Members are encouraged to check with the local community manager they plan to visit ahead of time to learn the specifics.