Behind the Scenes

Our team is dedicated to providing a warm, welcoming, and productive environment for all our members. Meet the heart behind The Satellite Centers.

Barbara has 23 years experience in starting, managing & growing profitable companies. Her passion is in building & supporting community.

Barbara Sprenger

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder and successful entrepreneur with over 27 years experience in operations, engineering, manufacturing and sales and commercial real estate investment, development and construction.

Ken Meshke

Director of Facilities

With a background in publishing and information systems, Kathi enjoys learning technologies that help small business workflows.

Kathi Firth

Community Manager Support

Back in Sunnyvale, where she grew up, she hopes to share her local roots with those now pursuing their dreams in her hometown and bring the benefits of her business and travel background to all her neighbors.

Ann Mejia

Sunnnyvale Community Manager

When Maria moved to a smaller community while studying anthropology at UCSC, strengthening her core belief that community and environment play an important role in ones sense of joy and productivity.

Maria Payes

Felton Community Manager

Logan’s experience has been in the world of academia: teaching and generally helping people navigate systems.

Logan Booth

Deskworks Software Support

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