FREE Community Event at Satellite Felton: Estate Planning for Everyone!


Estate Planning for Everyone
Satellite Felton Event Space
Thurs Nov 21
Free Event!
Light Refreshments will be provided

Come learn why it is never too soon to develop an estate plan and why we each need one, whether we realize it or not. Learn the basics of what a will and a trust is, and the essential elements including nominations of guardian, advanced health care and financial powers of attorney.

About the Law Office of Michelle D. Smith:

Estate Planning is not just for the rich and famous. It is something that everyone needs to face. We need to share what we have with who we want, we need to decide who will take care of our needs if we are ever unable to do so ourselves, and we need to make sure that the ones we care about are cared for if we are unable to.
Though estate planning is confusing and can seem scary, when we learn about what it takes and what it means we can face it with confidence. We can make a plan ourselves instead of letting someone else make decisions for us. Michelle D. Smith can help you make your decisions in a way that meets your needs and your wishes. It is your life afterall!
Michelle D. Smith is available to help anyone in California through an in person meeting, a telephone call, or a video conference. Prepare your plan together, whether you need a simple will or a complete trust package, you can find the solution that meets your needs.

Contact Maria at The Satellite Felton with any questions on this event, or to learn more about membership at other Satellite Centers.


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